Terms of Service

Last Update Date: 24 June 2020

This agreement is between you and the service operator, BITFEKS.COM. By using any services made available through the BITFEKS.COM website (https://www.bitfeks.com), API (https://api.bitfeks.com) or BITFEKS.COM affiliates, you agree that you have read, understood and accepted all of the terms and conditions contained in this Terms of Use agreement, as well as our Privacy Policy and Consent Form which have incorporated the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) regulation. As this is a legally binding contract, please carefully read through this agreement and related notices before using any of our Services. By registering, accessing or using BITFEKS.COM, you have agreed to the terms and conditions as laid out in this User Agreement. Should you disagree to this User Agreement, please proceed to initiate the account lock function (for existing users) and stop the usage of BITFEKS.COM and any of its services.


For more information on BITFEKS.COM, you can refer to the company and license information found on the website. If you have questions regarding this agreement, please feel free to contact BITFEKS.COM for clarification via our Customer Support team.


1.1. Promoted terms utilized in these Terms of Utilization will be translated as per the accompanying definitions:

1.1.1. Record: implies a record enlisted by the Client on the Stage.

1.1.2. Essential Cash: implies the principal image in the exchange match.

1.1.3. Beneficiary: Client implies sending a Request to win crypto cash through the Stage.

1.1.4. Commission: implies a charge for the benefit of any outsider (eg bank, non-bank money related foundation, installment specialist co-op, and so forth.).

1.1.5. Cryptographic money: Speaks to the digitized computerized portrayal of the esteem, for instance, bitcoins, ethers, and so on.

1.1.6. Stores: implies an Exchange including cash exchange to the record.

1.1.7. Fiat cash: implies the state money set by the legislature in the administration's entrance into power, by statutory declaration, direction or law.

1.1.8. Assets: Crypto implies cash and/or Fiat money.

1.1.9. Insurance Exchanging: For the situation where the client can exchange with the Assets which acquire in its place (ie, they can open a position utilizing their Reserve not exactly the real measure of this position) implies use exchanging.

1.1.10. Request: Client's structure to buy or move crypto cash.

1.1.11. Individual Data (individual data): data that distinguishes you actually or may assist us with identifying you (eg your name, address, email address, exchanges, and so forth.).

1.1.12. Stage: By BITFEKS.COM implies a domain that takes into account the exchanging of crypto coins.

1.1.13. Tipping expense: alludes to the evaluated measure of time spent by BITFEKS.COM to change from a Client parity to a 4-hour position.

1.1.14. Merchant: implies the client who gives a request to move crypto coins through the stage.

1.1.15. Administrations: All and all administrations given by BITFEKS.COM implies.

1.1.16. Webpage: https://bitfeks.com / is the BITFEKS.COM site.

1.1.17. Capacity: implies the BITFEKS.COM benefit, which incorporates putting away adjusts (either in the Fiat money and/or in the digital money) from the Surrendered Records or any unsupported cryptographic forms of money.

1.1.18. Exchange charge: implies an expense to BITFEKS.COM for each finished Exchange.

1.1.19. Exchange Value: implies the aggregate cost paid by the Purchaser for every Exchange performed by the Administration.

1.1.20. Method: (I) implies the exchange of cryptographic forms of money or Fiat monetary standards to the Client's record (Store Exchange); (ii) Exchange of Digital forms of money or Fiat monetary forms between Clients (to Exchange of Exchanges I), (iii) Withdrawal of Digital forms of money or Fiat reserves (Withdrawal ().

1.1.21. Client: implies an individual or association utilizing the Administrations, consents to pursue the Terms of Utilization and has a Record.

1.1.22. Withdrawal: An Exchange which incorporates the exchange of Assets from the Client's Record to his or her ledger or to a record opened in another monetary establishment.

1.2. Where the setting acknowledges words communicating the particular, it will be plural and the other way around.

2. Extent OF Administrations

2.1. Administrations enable all Clients of the Stage to exchange with different Clients for Scrambled Cash.

2.2. Contingent upon the client's place of home, the Client will be unable to utilize all elements of the Site. It is the client's duty to follow the client's area and/or the standards and laws in the Client's entrance to this Site.

2.3. The Client concurs that he/she is exchanging with different Clients while finishing Exchange Exchanges, and that BITFEKS.COM goes about as a go-between in these Exchanges, not as the contrary party of any exchange, but rather acknowledgment and acknowledgment.

3. Client RIGHTS AND Duties

3.1. The Client has the privilege to access and utilize the Site and the Administrations as long as the Client consents to the Terms of Utilization and is in actuality. By utilizing the Site, the Client consents to acknowledge and agree to the terms and conditions put forward in this.

3.2. Before utilizing the Site or any of the administrations offered by BITFEKS.COM, the Client embraces to deliberately peruse the whole Terms of Utilization.

3.3. The client attempts to agree to every single pertinent law and directions with respect to the utilization of the Administrations.

3.4. The client attempts to pursue all progressions and changes to his record, including, yet not constrained to, the equalization.

3.5. The client illuminates BITFEKS.COM quickly about the unordinary, suspicious, equivocal, or strange changes in the record promptly (ie following the disclosure). In case generally warning or non-notice, the Client will be in charge of the rupture of the Terms of Utilization and BITFEKS.COM will be qualified for make any extra strides, including however not restricted to, answering to the State or national specialists concerned.

3.6. The User submits and accepts the amount of money and / or passwords sent and / or encrypted to the Accounts of the Platform, the Buyers and the Seller on their behalf and on their opened Accounts when the Transaction is made.

3.7. The user undertakes to immediately notify BITFEKS.COM of any unauthorized use of his account or password, or to notify another address by email to support@bitfeks.com. Any User that violates these rules may be terminated and subsequently held liable for damages by BITFEKS.COM or any user of the Site

3.8. The User undertakes not to use the Service to perform any kind of criminal activity, including, but not limited to, money laundering, illegal gambling, terrorist organization financing or malicious attack.

3.9. The user is responsible for all damages and damages arising out of BITFEKS.COM due to violation of third party rights or violation of applicable laws.

3:10. Nothing in the Terms of Use excludes or limits liability for fraud, death or personal injury caused by User's negligence; it does not violate the conditions imposed by the conduct of the law or any other liability which is not limited or limited by law.

3.11. They are solely responsible for determining whether any Transaction designed for users' personal goals, financial standing and risk willingness is appropriate for them.

3:12. All payment tools added to your account may be a bank account, credit card, debit card or others must be named after the account holder. Otherwise, any attempt will be considered dishonesty.


4.1. By registering an Account, the User expressly declares and commits:

• It follows the rules and laws in the country and / or country in which it accesses this Site and the Services;

• Accepted these Terms of Use;

• At least 18 years of age, and has the right to accept these Terms of Use and to participate in crypto-currency transactions.

4.2. The User hereby declares and undertakes that he / she will use the Platform in order to perform the Transactions in accordance with the conditions specified in these Terms and that it is duly authorized and capable of entering Transactions in the Platform.

4.3. The User hereby declares and undertakes that the Fiat currency deposited in the Account and the crypto are owned by the User and derived from legal sources.

4.4. The user declares and warrants that he / she will not withdraw any crypto currency from his / her account only to his / her wallet, otherwise BITFEKS.COM has no responsibility for the results of such withdrawal.

4.5. The User hereby declares and undertakes that all Transactions that are executed do not violate the rights of any third party or applicable law.

4.6. The user understands that personal data and identifiers may be shared with third parties that have been properly authorized because of legal obligations, such as prevention of crimes and tax purposes and / or provision of service requested by the User.


5.1. BITFEKS.COM maintains whatever authority is needed to suspend the Client Record and to hinder all the Encryption-cash or/or Fiat cash if the Client neglects to follow the Terms of Utilization or in the event that it doesn't meet the necessities.

5.2. BITFEKS.COM is focused on giving the Administrations at the most elevated amount, with due consideration and as per these Terms of Utilization.

5.3. The duty of BITFEKS.COM is constrained to utilizing sensible specialized endeavors to guarantee the exchange of the exchanged crypto cash. BITFEKS.COM The BITFEKS.COM duty will be progressively restricted in guaranteeing that the required specialized information is exchanged to the digital money organize while starting cryptographic money exchanges to a client who isn't a client.

5.4. To the degree allowed by law, BITFEKS.COM isn't obligated for any harms, misfortune, loss of salary, loss of business, loss of chance, loss of information, backhanded or noteworthy harms.

5.5. BITFEKS.COM isn't in charge of any blame, breakdown, postponement or interference in the web association or for the explanations behind not utilizing our website whenever.

5.6. BITFEKS.COM isn't in charge of the deferral in preparing installments made by a deformity of outsiders, the administrators of such exchanges.

5.7. On account of changes in the enactment of a specific nation or state (for Clients in the Unified States), BITFEKS.COM, whose outcomes are a progressively stringent course of action of a digital currency introduced on the Stage, may confine exchange with a specific couple. crypto In such a case, the Client may just pull back a constrained bit of the cryptographic money exchange to an outer location.

5.8. In case of debasement, BITFEKS.COM attempts to tell all pertinent data, including names, addresses and some other asked for data, to the skilled specialists for rupture of misrepresentation and misleading. Clients recognize that their records might be solidified endless supply of any able expert exploring misrepresentation or other unlawful exercises.

5.9. Nothing in these terms will reject or restrict obligation for extortion, passing or individual damage caused by BITFEKS.COM's exclusions; any break of the terms suggested by the direct of the law; or whatever other risk which will not be constrained or expelled by law.


6.1. BITFEKS.COM will provide the Services with reasonable care and skill and in accordance with these Terms of Use.

6.2. All purchase and sale orders made on the platform shall be managed anonymously in a way that Buyers and Sellers have not met each other. The Transaction Price is calculated on the basis of actual matching orders made by Buyers and Sellers participating in the bidding process on the Platform together with the applicable Transaction fees.

6.3. BITFEKS.COM declares and warrants that such orders may not be reversed or reversed following purchase or sale of crypto coins. Keeps all Encryption scores purchased by each User on their own account and on behalf of the respective User.


7.1. All content on this site is the property of BITFEKS.COM and is protected by copyright, patent, trademark and other applicable laws unless otherwise stated.

7.2. BITFEKS.COM and the trademarks, trade names, service marks and logos (hereinafter “Trademarks un) used on the Site are the property of BITFEKS.COM and their respective owners. The software, applications, texts, images, graphics, data, prices, craftsmen, graphics, video and audio materials used in the site belong to BITFEKS.COM. Trademarks and other content on the Site may not be copied, reproduced, altered, republished, uploaded, mailed, forwarded, quoted, collected, collected or distributed in any way whatsoever, regardless of manual or automatic. The use of any other content from the Site or any other purpose in a networked computer environment for any other purpose is strictly prohibited; Any such unauthorized use may violate copyright, patent, trademark and other applicable laws and may result in criminal or civil penalties.

7.3. BITFEKS.COM supports the protection of intellectual property. (I) a trademark claims to infringe a trademark in which you have a valid, registered trademark or service mark; or (ii) you wish to claim a copyright for any material in which you have a good faith copyright. Send an e-mail to the COM address.


8.1. Identification and verification procedures (also known as C Know Your Customer KYC “) are required for all Transactions. All new and new Users of the platform must pass the verification procedure. BITFEKS.COM reserves the right to limit the Platform function to Users who have not passed the verification. If the user refuses to provide the necessary documents and information under the KYC, BITFEKS.COM reserves the right to terminate the Service provision immediately.

8.2. The user undertakes to provide BITFEKS.COM with the correct and relevant documentation and personal information contained herein. If the user presents false documents and false personal information, such behavior will be interpreted as a fraudulent activity.

8.3. The user authorizes BITFEKS.COM directly or indirectly (through third parties), conducting any investigation he deems necessary to check the appropriateness and accuracy of the information provided for verification purposes. The Personal Data transferred will be strictly necessary to protect the data and will be limited to security measures.


9.1. The site is planned for individual and non-business use by the client. BITFEKS.COM is careful about anchoring the Site and the Administration. By enlisting to BITFEKS.COM, the Client consents to give breakthrough, precise and finish individual data required by the BITFEKS.COM enrollment process and to stay up with the latest.

9.2. The client is just permitted to enlist a Record on the Stage. Hence, any extra-record might be suspended.

9.3. The Client recognizes that he/she won't utilize any Record other than himself or won't access to any Client's Record whenever, or to help other people increase unapproved get to.

9.4. BITFEKS.COM maintains all authority to propose amount limits for record subsidizing/withdrawal. BITFEKS.COM may suggest every day, month to month and single exchange volume limits.

9.5. The client is in charge of keeping up the privacy of the data in their Record, including, yet not constrained to, all exercises, incorporating Exchanges made with passwords, email, wallet address, wallet equalization, and Records. On the off chance that there is any suspicious action identified with the Client Record, BITFEKS.COM may ask for extra data from the Client, including confirmation of the reports, and may solidify the Record for the time of the audit. The client is obliged to follow these security demands or to acknowledge the end of their Record.

9.6 The Client recognizes that email will not be considered as a safe method for correspondence and will never be utilized for the transmission of Individual Data.

9.7. Making or utilizing Records without earlier composed consent from BITFEKS.COM will result in quick suspension of every significant Record and all pending buy/deals orders. Any endeavor to do as such or to help others (Clients or other outsiders) or the dissemination of directions, programming or instruments, for this reason, will result at the end of such Client Records. The end isn't an elite solution for such a break, and BITFEKS.COM may choose to make a further move against the Client.

9.8. On the off chance that more than six (6) months have slipped by since the Client has marked with the Record, or if the Store account is attributed, BITFEKS.COM has the privilege to utilize this Record in a neglected way. For this situation, the Client will be charged a Capacity expense of seven (7) days ahead of time with this email warning. BITFEKS.COM will charge the Capacity expense indicated here. Relinquished Records with a zero equalization will be handicapped.


10.1. The Stage enables the Client to send Requests to purchase or move crypto coins.

10.2. The Client recognizes that the Request has been submitted simply after watchful thought and that the Client comprehends and acknowledges the aftereffects of the execution. The client concurs that this task can't be turned around and can't be dropped when the request is executed. Exchanges will be regarded to be executed simultaneously with the Dealer and the Purchaser without earlier notice to the Merchant and the Purchaser and to the execution date and time.

10.3. The client recognizes and pronounces that the entry tag isn't determined, is mistakenly indicated (particularly XRP, XLM), or that the reference number has been inaccurately determined (for Fiat exchanges), and the Client may lose the installment or possibly the preparing speed.

10.4. The base and most extreme request amount changes for each match of exchanges and can be seen on the Exchanging Page while putting orders.

10.5. The Client recognizes and pronounces that the Store and Withdrawals in the Fiat cash might be deferred because of some bank confirmation and checks. Thus, and by the idea of digital money organizes, the Client acknowledges and concurs that it might require investment to pull back and pull back the Client Cryptographic forms of money for them/account.

10.6. Unsubstantiated clients are not permitted to pull back any Encryption assets from their Record inside forty-eight (48) hours after the Record has been made.

10.7. If the client finds handling movement, including, yet not constrained to, client unrecognized Records, obscure stores and withdrawals, the Client will quickly inform BITFEKS.COM and adhere to the directions given by BITFEKS.COM. Generally, BITFEKS.COM maintains whatever authority is needed to solidify the Record until the finish of the examination.

10.8. BITFEKS.COM may need to drop or review the Withdrawal at a demand of money related organizations, including, however not constrained to, banks engaged with the execution of such Exchanges. In such cases, the Client requires collaboration with BITFEKS.COM to discover the explanations behind such a demand.

10.9. The base store sum for Bitcoin (ETH) is 0.0001 for other digital forms of money, for example, 0.001, Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Money (BCH), Zcash (ZEC), DASH and Bitcoin Gold (BTG) least store. On the off chance that the sum is not exactly the predefined sum, the assets won't be exchanged to the Client Record.

10.10. BITFEKS.COM does not bolster the Ethereum (ETH) store and/or withdrawal through shrewd contracts.


11.1. Edge Exchanging might be utilized for long and short positions subject to specific charges, points of confinement and conditions set by BITFEKS.COM.

11.2. BITFEKS.COM may likewise charge expenses to open and/or close a situation, and to keep the vacant position (ve Rollover charge B). The appropriate charges can be found on the Expense Calendar at https://BITFEKS.COM/expense plan.

11.3. The client can open a position opened for the following 4 hours subsequent to paying the Rollover charge.

11.4. Regardless, an opened circumstance ought to be shut inside 360 days from the day it was opened.

11.5. Because of instability and steady changes in a crypto-currency advertise, BITFEKS.COM maintains whatever authority is needed to close the vacant position whenever by giving the Client two weeks take note. So as to drop the position shutting process, the Client must recharge their Record to close the missing sum in the vacant position secured by BITFEKS.COM. In the event that the client does not close or close their situations after a warning, this position can be killed naturally. BITFEKS.COM does not cover misfortunes because of position conclusion.

11.6. The Client recognizes and concurs that BITFEKS.COM has the privilege to close any open positions with or without notice to the Client when there is an open money value (ie the primary image of the exchange) so as to stay away from negative adjusts. twofold) approaches the 'stop misfortune cost' indicated by the Client when opening a position.

11.7. Contingent upon the circumstance in the cryptocurrency advertise any vacant position might be shut before the beginning of the position stop misfortune value Kr. Where, the end cost might be not quite the same as the "stop misfortune value’’ BITFEKS.COM does not cover misfortunes because of position conclusion.

11.8. The Client concurs and announces that the position opened under the edge exchanging conditions on the BITFEKS.COM stage might be shut preceding the stop-misfortune cost except if there is a probability of isolating the exchange volumes required to close the situation from the most minimal cost. The assessed shutting cost in the edge exchanging interface may contrast from the genuine shutting cost.

11.9. BITFEKS.COM maintains whatever authority is needed to close the vacant position without notice to the Client if the Client does not have enough cash to pay the applicable charges or opens a position surpassing 360 days.

11.10. The client recognizes that the BITFEKS.COM stage acknowledges and acknowledges the estimated shutting value which might be unique in relation to the last cost because of the moment changes in the crypto-currency advertise when the position is shut.


12.1. The storage fee is charged by BITFEKS.COM to store any crypto currency and currency currency until the assets are requested by the User or the Account reaches zero balance.

12.2. The storage fee is charged on a daily basis as follows:


daily 2


daily 100


daily 0.003


daily 0.003


daily 0.003


daily 0,003


daily 0,003


daily 0,06


daily 0,4


daily 1


daily 1

12.3. The storage fee charged on the user's account may not be subject to Refund.

12.4. If the user wishes to recover the current asset amount, the support request must be made to support@bitfeks.com. After receiving this request, BITFEKS.COM will send an appropriate instruction to the User.

12.5. BITFEKS.COM reserves the right to close the storage fee and fee.


13.1. The client consents to pay BITFEKS.COM Exchange expense for each finished Exchange.

13.2. Before the exchange, the Client should consider the Exchange expense rates posted on the Charge Tax page. Nonetheless, BITFEKS.COM claims all authority to charge expense tax charges occasionally on the Expense Timetable page.

13.3. The measure of the exchange charge is consequently deducted in the cash demonstrated by the image "/" in the match after the exchange. In this way, the expense for BTC/USD is charged in USD; The charge for ETH/BTC is charged in BTC.

13.4. The base exchange charge is equivalent to the base cash. Fiat is equivalent to 0.01 for the cash, Crypto relies upon the money for the cash. The handling expense is charged by the adjusting strategy.

13.5. The base and most extreme value, least and greatest request amount change for each match of exchanges and can be seen on the Exchanging Page while putting in a request.

13.6. For certain request types, the Exchange charge may contrast from the one posted on the 'Expense Calendar' page. The exchange charge rate will be clarified before the request is executed.

13.7. The exchange expense, different expenses, and the compensation method might be changed/investigated every once in a while singularly by BITFEKS.COM and will be successful when they are distributed on the Site.


14.1. For all financial calculations, BITFEKS.COM uses the rounding policy in favor of the Platform. BITFEKS.COM rounds Fiat currencies to the second tier after the splitter. Rounding policy for crypto currencies varies depending on the crypto currency.

2.14. For the purpose of process optimization, some items on the Platform (including, but not limited to, currency, crypto, etc.) will not be reflected in the User Account and will appear as soon as a unit is integrated.


15.1. BITFEKS.COM claims all authority to suspend or end your BITFEKS.COM Record whenever, whenever, when we trust it is sensible as required by law, or whenever to agree to the counsel of the administrative specialist concerned or of a trustworthy association for counteractive action.

15.2. It is entirely restricted to utilize the record for unlawful purposes. BITFEKS.COM will report any suspicious movement to the material law authorization.

15.3. The client must guarantee that they don't utilize the Administrations for the accompanying:

• illegal tax avoidance, the financing of fear-based oppression, the expansion of weapons of mass decimation;

• human dealing;

• any merchandise or administrations that are unlawful or that the advancement, offer or showcasing is illicit, or introduced regarding an illicit, vulgar, or obscene substance, that are shown in youngsters or minors in sexual positions, may demonstrate the characteristics of associations that are unlawful or illegal. magnifying war or disregarding human nobility;

• any products or administrations, advancements, offers or promoting that would encroach copyright, mechanical property rights, or some other privileges of some other individual;

• archeological discoveries;

Medications, opiates or psychedelic drugs;

• a wide range of weapons;

• illicit betting administrations;

• ponzy, pyramid or other "quick rich pyramid plans;

• products subject to any business ban;

• Media that hurts minors and disregards the law and incorporates arrangements on the security of minors;

• body parts or human remains;

• secured creatures or safeguarded plants;

• weapons or explosives; or

• other illicit items, administrations or exchanges.


16.1. The User is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the credentials of his Accounts, including but not limited to all activities, including Password, Email, Wallet Address, Balance, and Calculated Transactions.

16.2. The BITFEKS.COM staff does not ask the user to explain their password. BITFEKS.COM is the website that the user receives or asks for a password outside of the BITFEKS.COM site. If the user suspects that a website is genuine, it must ensure that the website is EV SSL compliant (Security Certificate Verification is shown in the address bar of a web browser).

16.3. It is recommended to change the User password regularly (at least every three (3) to six (6) months) to reduce the risk of a security breach of the account. BITFEKS.COM also recommends that the User not select a password that is easily predictable from the information that someone knows about or collects from the User or from a password that has a meaning. The user must not allow anyone to access his account or monitor User Access to his Account.

16.4. It is recommended that the User change the password if any security concerns, login, password, or other security features associated with the user's account are lost, stolen, misused, unauthorized, or otherwise endangered. The User must contact the Support Service without undue delay to be aware of the loss, theft, abuse or unauthorized use of the Account, login, password or other security features. Any unnecessary delays in notifying BITFEKS.COM will not only affect the security of the Account, but also result in the User being liable for any damages as a result. If the user suspects that another person has access to his Account, the User must also consult with an appropriate government agency and report the incident.

16.5. The user must exercise due diligence in order to ensure the security of the e-mail address and to ensure that only the User can access it, because the e-mail address can be used to reset passwords or communicate with the User. Account security. BITFEKS.COM cannot be held liable for any violation of an email account; this results in the correct conformation of an unauthorized Transaction. Should any of the e-mail addresses registered with User Accounts be compromised, the User should contact his or her e-mail service provider without undue delay after being aware of this Support Team.

16.6. Regardless of whether the user is a Public, public, or has access to his or her Computer, the User must always ensure that the login information is not stored, cached, or otherwise recorded by the browser. The user should never use any functionality that allows login information or passwords to be stored by the computer they are using.

16.7. Additional products or services used by the user may have additional security requirements and the User must obtain information about what has been reported to him.

16.8. Two-factor authentication must be enabled to make withdrawals.


17.1. The Client may end the Terms of Utilization and close its Records whenever following the expulsion of pending exchanges.

17.2. The Client further concurs that BITFEKS.COM has the right, in its sole caution, to end its entrance to the Site and record without restriction: the impediment, suspension or end of the Administration; Client Records deny access to the Site and its substance, administrations, and apparatuses, deferral or expel facilitated substance, and find a way to ward off Clients from the Site in the event that we think about issues or potential lawful commitments. Protected innovation privileges of outsiders or rebelliousness with the letter or soul of these Terms. Furthermore, we may suspend or end the Client's Records for any reason without confinement or, at our sole prudence, for any reason at all: (1) Activities to give unapproved access to the Site or to another Client's record or to give help to others' endeavors. (2) defeat programming security includes that limit or ensure the utilization of any substance; (3) utilization of the Administration to participate in illicit exercises, for example, tax evasion, unlawful betting exchanges, financing fear-mongering, or other criminal exercises; (4) infringement (5) No installment or fake installment for exchanges, (6) unforeseen operational challenges, or (7) upon the demand of law implementation or other legislative offices on the off chance that it is viewed as legitimate and convincing by the BABCOINS. BABCOINS acts in its sole circumspection.

17.3. BITFEKS.COM likewise claims all authority to drop any Records or Records that have been idle for six (6) months or more and/or that have not been affirmed to change or keep up our Site or Administration. The Client concurs that BITFEKS.COM will not be at risk to them or to any outsider for access to the Site or to their Record.

17.4. The suspension of the record does not influence the installment of exchange charges due to past exchanges. Upon end, it will give a legitimate financial balance data or digital money deliver to guarantee the exchange of assets saved into the Client account. BITFEKS.COM will move the monetary standards in the time periods determined by BITFEKS.COM at the earliest opportunity following the Client's ask.

17.5. BITFEKS.COM will send the equalization of the Client Record's credit parity to itself, yet now and again it might intercede a global installment and may bring about costs for that or the recipient bank. BITFEKS.COM will try sensible endeavors to guarantee that these charges are unveiled to the Client before sending the installment; Nonetheless, in situations where it can't be kept, the Client recognizes that these expenses can't be determined and represented consistently.


18.1. All Services are provided as without warranty of any kind, either express or implied.

18.2. BITFEKS.COM will work to keep the Site running; However, all online services suffer from occasional downtime and interruptions, and BITFEKS.COM is not liable for any damages or damages the User may experience as a result. Therefore, BITFEKS.COM does not provide any guarantee that access to the Site will not be interrupted or there will be no delay, failure, failure, deficiency or loss of information transmitted.

18.3. BITFEKS.COM will use reasonable efforts to ensure that the User may normally access the Site in accordance with the Site Terms of Use. BITFEKS.COM may suspend use of the Site for maintenance purposes and make reasonable efforts to notify the User. The user agrees that this will not be possible in case of an emergency.


19.1. API requests are limited to 600 requests per 10 minutes. If this limit is exceeded, it may be prohibited for 10 minutes. For example, if you perform 600 queries in the first minute, the next query is only possible after 9 minutes + 1 second.

2.19. BITFEKS.COM can provide widgets for the User to use to place the Data on the User Site. The user is free to use widgets in their original unmodified and unmodified form.

19.3. BITFEKS.COM can provide mobile applications (mobile applications () that can be used to access the account. Use of these mobile applications is governed by these Terms of Use.


BITFEKS.COM does not provide any financial, investment or legal advice regarding the Services provided by BITFEKS.COM. BITFEKS.COM may provide information on events that have influenced the price, diversity, volatility, and price of Cryptocurrencies, but should not be considered and interpreted as an investment or financial advice. The decision to buy or sell crypto coins is the decision of the user and BITFEKS.COM shall not be liable for any loss incurred.


21.1. The user undertakes to pay all taxes and duties that may arise from the use of the BITFEKS.COM Services and must be paid in accordance with the User's domicile regulations.

21.2. BITFEKS.COM is not responsible for any breach by the User for the calculation and payment of taxes and charges.


22.1. BITFEKS.COM reserves the right to notify and notify the User of any communication provided to BITFEKS.COM, taking into account the user-provided contact information.

22.2. The User expressly accepts and accepts any notification in electronic form, if requested by the Terms of Use.

22.3. BITFEKS.COM's main official information channel


These Terms of Use shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the United Kingdom, unless expressly stated otherwise. All disputes and disputes arising in connection with or in connection with this website and these Terms of Use shall be submitted to the British Court in London (the main office) as a court of first instance. If any part of these Terms of Use is deemed invalid, invalid or unenforceable for any reason, this part shall be considered separable and shall not affect the validity and enforceability of the remainder.


24.1. You acknowledge and agree, BITFEKS.COM shall not be liable for any of your losses caused by any of the following events, including but not limited to:

● Losses of profits, goodwill, usage or data or any other intangible losses

● Use or failure to use BITFEKS.COM Service

● Unauthorized use of your account or unauthorized alteration of your data by third parties

● Your misunderstanding of BITFEKS.COM Service

● Any other losses related to BITFEKS.COM Service which are not directly attributable to BITFEKS.COM

In no event shall BITFEKS.COM be liable for any failure or delay of service resulting from regular network maintenance or external factors such as power failure, natural disaster, service provider-side problems or governmental acts.

The user may have only one account. The User may use the Site solely to benefit from the services described in this contract. If BITFEKS.COM determines the presence of multiple accounts of the same user, the user has the right to cancel, suspend or suspend all accounts of the user without prior notice, BITFEKS.COM does not have any responsibility and BABCOINS. It accepts, declares and undertakes that it is irrevocable of the COM. All legal and criminal responsibility arising out of and arising out of the provisions of this Article shall be borne by the user. However, even for these reasons, the user's bitcoin assets are not affected and the bitcoin assets of the user, if any, are returned to the user immediately upon request, provided there is no legal restriction.

Changes to the credentials and address information by the user will be immediately notified to BITFEKS.COM. BITFEKS.COM does not have any responsibility and demand for these changes. Because these changes are not notified, PARIBU, etc. may suspend transactions. It has the ability to implement all measures. For this reason, BITFEKS.COM will not be assigned any responsibility.

The user undertakes to use the site covered by the laws of the Republic of Turkey and the entire legislation. In case of unlawful use, BITFEKS.COM has the right and authority to share all the information of the user with the competent authorities. This cannot be considered in the context of a breach of confidentiality and no liability can be attributed to BITFEKS.COM.

24.2. BITFEKS.COM shall not be liable under the limits set forth in Article 10.9 for User-initiated Transactions.


You agree to indemnify and hold harmless BITFEKS.COM, its affiliates, contractors, licensors, and their respective directors, officers, employees and agents from and against any claims and damages (including attorneys’ fees, fines or penalties imposed by any regulatory authority) arising out of your breach or our enforcement of this Agreement. This shall also apply to your violation of any applicable law, regulation, or rights of any third party during your use of the BITFEKS.COM Service.


The user agrees to protect, defend, retain and retain harmless BITFEKS.COM and its officers, directors, employees, agents and third party service providers against all claims, demands, costs, expenses, damages, obligations and damages. BITFEKS.COM directly or indirectly (i) the User's use of and use of the Services on this Site and the nature and quality of the Service resulting from, including, but not limited to, reasonable attorneys' fees; (ii) the User violates any provision of the Terms of Use or any policies or contracts contained therein; and / or (iii) any breach of any third party right without any limitation, including any intellectual property or other proprietary rights of the User. Compensation obligations in this section may continue to terminate or terminate the Terms of Use or the User's use of this Site or the Services contained on this Site.


BITFEKS.COM reserves the right to change or modify any part of these Terms of Use at any time by posting a revised version of the Terms of Use on the Site. The amendments shall enter into force and shall be deemed to have been accepted by the User. The User shall be applied prospectively for any activity that the Services use for the first time after the publication of the revised Terms of Use and which are initiated after the publication. If the User does not accept such a change, the User's sole remedy is to terminate the use of the Services and close the Account. The User agrees that BITFEKS.COM shall not be liable to the User or to third parties for any loss or alteration of the Terms of Use.

BITFEKS.COM reserves the right to modify or change the terms and conditions of the agreement at any time and at its sole discretion. BITFEKS.COM will provide notice of these changes by updating the revised Terms of Use on the webpage and changing the “[Last revised:]” date on this page. Any and all modifications or changes to the Terms of Use will be effective immediately upon being announced on the website or released to users. As such, your continued use of BITFEKS.COM’s services acts as acceptance of the amended agreement and rules.


If BITFEKS.COM is unable to perform the Services specified in the Terms of Use due to factors other than its control, including but not limited to, force majeure, modification of force majeure or modification of sanctions policy.


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